Tuesday, February 28, 2012

MY Momma.....MY living room!!!

Me has decided to tells evfurrybunny bout myself!! I is the KING of my house and me runs the show!! Me lives wif two ofur buns named Oreo(M) and Laddy(F). We lets our hooman momma and hooman sissy (who is 13) lives wif us! They is lucky that me lets them all stays here!
Me is a member of a secwet cwimes fighting gwoup and my Sooper-Power is YELLING!! It's not time for me to discuss that, yet!
Me is blogging now to complains bout some stuff and gives ofur buns lessons on how to handles things that we bun has to handles. For example: my hooman sissy finks she can walks through MY living room any time she wants to! NO!! She also finks she can talks to or hug or kiss MY momma any time she wants to! SHE CAN'T!! It is MY living room and MY momma!! Now....here is what I does to stops that fwom happenings. When I see's her wooking at MY living room or MY momma, I jumps out of my cage, runs to the middle of MY living room, puts my ears down, glares and thumps at her! If she twies to keeps walking into MY living room, me charges her feets while growling vewy loud and mean at her! Me then chases her feet and growls, making her scared I is gonna bites her!! It always works!! She moves vewy fast to gets out of there! If she twies to hug or talk to MY momma, I does the same fing and she leaves vewy quickly! If she scweams or cwies, me just wooks real coot and momma comes to my defense! Heehee! She say to sissy that I is a bun and she is hooman so she haves to be nice to me and gives me what me wants!!
All you buns can does this too! You can use it any way you needs to!! You is welcomes!
Now....momma is handing out tweats so me is gonna go gets some of them. Me will talks to you all on my next blog!

Final thought: me doesn't like cucumber!


Belle said...

What a cute bloggy. Secwet cwimes fighting gwoup - how pawsome

Love my rescued rabbits!! said...

Fanks you, Belle!! It means a lot to me that you weaded my bwog!! And you leaveded a comment!!! FANKS!!

mollyarther said...

lubs ur blog wes gonna stay tuned wif moms for nx update :)

tkphillips said...

I love Scotty, Laddy and Oreo! Thank you so much for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I just LOVE the blog Scotty! It is wonderful! And Brian Bunny will be giggling away to himself reading it from Rainbow Bridge too! We love you! X x x