Saturday, March 3, 2012


Hee Heeeeeeee!!! Poopie! Poopie!! Poopie!! Poop! Poop! POOPIE!!! Hee Heeeeeeeeeee heeee!!!!!!
Many of my fwiends nose how much me wuvs talkin bout, finkin bout and playin wif poopies! If you doesn't will when you is done weadings this!!

Poopies comes into play wif many fings. Let's say me wants momma to gets me fwesh water. Turns wif your butt facing the waterbowl, makes a big pile of poopie and then kicks wif your thumpers! This will frows the poopies into the water bowl! Now...does a flop next to the water bowl wif a dehydrated wook on your face! Your momma will RUNS to gets you fwesh water! day, me was bored and momma was hungwy. Me heard her says that she wants candy, specifically, "Skittles" candies...heehee...Me haves some candy for you, momma!! After momma finished wif her Skittles, she still wanted more. putted three poopies out on the carpet, next to momma's La-Z-Boy chair. Me was watchin fwom under MY table-cave (anofur story for anofur bwog). Momma walkeded over, wif her hungwy, candy needing bwain, and picks up the three poopies and PUTS THEM IN HER MOUF!! Hee heeeeeeee!! She gotted this funny wook on her face cause she was twyin to gets the flavor out of them, and couldn't! Me then see'd her spits them out into her hand and wook at them as she wealizes what they is!! Then she wooks at me. ME?!?!!! Me is just sittings there, wif a vewy innocent wook on my face, while wooking extra coot (as usual)!!! Me didn't does anyfing, momma!!!

Vewy important to talks about using our poopies as weapons!! Me has gotted vewy good at flingings poopies acwoss the room at momma!! Good aim is vewy important and you can only gets good aim by practicing, when the hooman(s) isn't home. Me uses them for peltings my hooman sissy (me discussed her in my pwevious bwog) if she twies to walks through MY living room!
There is many ways to hurls can frows them wif your fwont paws, you can kicks them wif your thumpers and you can digs wif all four of your feets, in your litter to cause a "rainstorm of poopies" which is a vewy effective way of pummelling anyfing or anyone, wif a lot of poopies at the same time!!

Ok, me is tired fwom all this bwoggings and me haves to goes and takes a naps now. Me hopes you has learned somefing bout poopies! Me hasn't covered evfurryfing yet and me may does anofur poopie bwog sometime!
Fanks for weadings my stuff!! Wuv, Scotty!!!

Added on Sunday:
Me has been lucky enough to secure Badger, fwom @piggusbiggus to does a "footnote" for me on my weekly blog! Me is vewy 'cited bout this!!! Fanks you, Badger, for your wisdom!!

Badgers footnote: "I hate stepping in other people's poopie!"


Anonymous said...

Sorry I have to be anonymous again Scotty! But you are so funny! I have eaten Brian Bunny poop! He often flicked it in my tea! And managed to get poop stuck to the ceiling! I used to find poop in my handbag too! You bunnies are experts at poop flicking! Keep up with the blog lovely! Such an enjoyable read! Anonymous Aunty Karen :) X x x

Love my rescued rabbits!! said...

Momma hasn't figured out how to change that 'nonomous fing yet. Me wuvs Bwian even more now that me nose he was such a good poopie frower! Me wuvs you Aunty Kawen!!!!

Anonymous said...

We LOVE your blog Scotty!!! You are a brilliant bunny and make us all proud! Thank you for all the valuable information! We will definitely put it to good use! We can't wait to see what you teach us next!!!
Love, Houdini, Peanut, Licorice, Twix, Sniff, Abby & Georgette

Peter Emery said...

That blog was very poopie. In fact I've never seen such a poopie, poopie blog. Actually it was so poopie I think it must have been written by a bunny who has a special liking for poop. That's how poopie it was. I mean that in a good way of course.

Love my rescued rabbits!! said...

Fanks you, Billy!! Your fwequent use of the word POOPIE, was much appweciated! Me wants to fank you fwom the bottom of my bun heart for lettings me bowwow Badger for my footnote! It will makes my bwog so much better!! FANKS YOU!!

Love my rescued rabbits!! said...

Fanks you my fwiends! It means so much to me that you would want to weads what me is finking bout. That makes me feels vewy, vewy good!!! Wuv, Scotty

Estelle and Esme said...

Hee Hee Scotty we does also flicks poop at Mummy!