Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hooman Dominated By Bun(s)!! (For bun eyes ONLY!)

It haves been a while since my last bwog and me posted one on "Hooman Punishments" and it disappeared!!! wonders how THAT hoppened?! Hoomans run this site, doesn't they? Needs me says more?! Me will re-does that bwog, but haves had a conversation wif Estelle, Esme, and The Genewal that, me felt, made it necessawy to does this quick one first! Lets me 'splain..... First, and VEWY IMPORTANT, as me indicated in this bwog title, this is for BUN EYES ONLY!!! If you is hooman...STOP! DO NOT wead any further!! Me haves encrypted this text wif hooman-eye-blinding, "eye rays"! If you is hooman and you continue to wead....well, you won't be weading much longer!! You won't be seeings much longer eifur!! This is my FINAL WARNING!!! that we is ALL buns here, me can begin. It has occurred to me, while gettings some bootiful bwacewets for my momma, that us buns need a way to identify which hoomans is under "Bun Contwol" and which hoomans is not!!! Me finks this is vewy 'portant and me haves come up wif a way to does that!!! All hoomans need to be under "Bun Contwol"! This is necessary for our eventual "World Bun Take Over Day" that The Genewal (@GenBunnyparte) haves been workings on, wif his army of buns, for a wong time now!! We need a quick, easy way to identify who is who!! Yesterday, me was buying some vewy coot bwacewets fwom @EstelleEsme for my momma. She haves been doing efurryfing me haves telled her to do, wif no compwaints. So, me is rewardings her!! And THAT'S when it occurred to me!! What a perfect way to identify the hoomans that is alweady under Bun Contwol!! Just gives them a bwacewet to wears and now all ofur buns will nose they is under Bun Contwol!! Now...the best part of my plan is that we buns will makes the hoomans buys their own bwacewets!! HEEHEE!! I made my momma buy FOUR (4) of them, today!! HEEHEEHEEEEEE!!! Isn't that gweat?! Not only is they now being identified as being Under Bun Contwol, but they is paying for it themselves!! That's the ultimate example of being UNDER BUN CONTWOL!!! So, when the day finally comes, where the whole world is abruptly and compwetwy, BUN DOMINATED BY BUNS (Bun-Take-Over-Day), we will know immediatwy and easily, which few hoomans wemain that still needs to be converted!! *evil-bun-laugh* You can gets the "Bun bwacewets" that me got for momma fwom @EstelleEsme or you can makes your own! Estelle & Esme doesn't nose that me is writings this and me didnt ask them if their momma could does lops of Bun Bracelets or not. Me pwobabwy should've asked first, but me was so 'cited that me figured out a way to "mark the hoomans" that me wasn't really finking vewy well. Me is sowwy for gettings cawwied away! So, buns....let me nose what you finks of my idea!! If you haves anofur idea, that's better, tells us buns 'bout it!! Maybe you haves a better way of "marking the hoomans" as being "Under Bun Contwol"!! If you does, me wants to hears it!! Just keeps in mind that gettings the hoomans to pay for their own "marking" is weally the coolest part!! Me wuvs the @EstelleEsme bwacelets and me finks the hoomans would wikes wearings them! Ok, me is done now! Fanks you sooo much for listening to me!! Me wuvs all my bun fwiends and all buns on earth & OTRB!!! Hooman Punishment bwog will be out soon!! (AGAIN!!)


Estelle and Esme said...

Oh Scotty we is vewy hoppy to instruct Mum to makes more bwacelets for anybun who wants them!

Scotty, Oreo and Laddy said...

Oh, good!!! Fanks you girls so much!! Me should've asked first but was so 'cited bout findings a way to "mark" the hoomans, that me forgot. It just proves that you girls alweady haves your momma under "BUN CONTWOL"!!!

Wabbits said...

You is bwilliant Scotty!

Anonymous said...

Such a good idea Scotty!
But what about my Dad's? They are male hoomans & won't want to wear bracelets cos they are for girl hoomans!

Harvey the Rabbit

Peter Emery said...

Wuv.....I mean love you blog Scotty. Can't wait for the punishment post. Hope it gives me lots of ideas of how to contwol (You've got me at it now.) my wayward staff.