Saturday, April 14, 2012

The most bootiful bun in the world!!!!

Me is vewy nervous!!! Me doesn't usually gets nervous but me haves the pwivlage of interviewing my bootiful girlfwiend, Bailey (@baileybun1).  Me is the wuckiest bun in the world!!!
Ok, evfurrybunny, here we go.......

1)  When did you come to lives wif your momma, daddy and sissy?  Had they ever had a bun before?
They bwought me home October 28, 2011 fwom the farm!  Me was 2 months old, exactly! Me is their first bunny!

2)  Does you haves any ofur anipals in YOUR home?

Not unless you count sissy. (hehehe, me made a funny!)

3)  What is the most annoying fing that your momma does, and what is you doing to twy and stops her fwom doesing it?

Hmmmm, pwobably when she twies to touch my fumpers, I just hop away when she does, or just moves it under me so she can't weach it!

4)  Hee hee...Does you haves a boyfwiend? (heehee) And is he coot?

Yes *swoons* me has the cootest, most wuving boyfwiend ever!  Me finks you nose him....teeheehee, it's you, Scotty!!

5)  Does you finks that any of the Presidential candidates for the 2012 race are capable of winning against Penne (@killerparrot)?

Absolutely NOT!!  Me finks Penne has it in the bag, as they say!

6)  My momma finks it's ok for her to takes MY bPhone, anytime she wants to!  Does your momma feel the same way?  If so, what does you finks should be done about that?

*THUMPS* YES, stoopid momma does, espwecially when she works on Saturdays! Me is wiffout MY bPhone fwom Fwiday until she gets home Saturday!  Me not nose what can be done. Me has twied the suggestions fwom your bwog about it but, so far, me isn't having any wuck!

(At this point in the interview, we took a short, ten minute bweak for Bailey to calms down.  We slowed her bweathing, stopped the incessant thumping and me telled her that me will have more punishment suggestions for the hoomans in my next bwog. Once she heard that, we were ables to continue wif the interview)

7)  Ok honey, I mean, Bailey! Thank you for coming back to finish our interview.  I has anofer "momma question" for you.  It's been rumored that your momma haves been known to COUNT YOUR POOPIES!!  Why did she do this, and does she still do it?

Yes. That is cowwect, she did count them, but it was only when she would come home and I'd leave piles on the floor, so she HAD to pick them up!  Me doesn't do that anymore, so she doesn't eifur!  Me only poopies in my litter box!

8)  If you could twavels anywhere, where would you wikes to goes?

Me would wuv to go upstairs again!  It's been bwocked off because of all the work they is doing!  But to twavel, me would has to say Flowida, because that's where you wives and also to the UK, because awot of our anipals & Aunty Kawen and Aunty Kay wives there!

9)  Would you rather bungi jumps off a bwidge or rapels down a mountain side?

Me finks, bungi jump off the bwidge.

10)  Does your daddy does anyfings annoyings awound YOUR house?

YES!! AWOT!!  Me has to gwowl at him when he twies to wook at me-when I is behind MY couch! Me doesn't wike that!!  And, when I is welaxing, under MY wocking chair, in the corner!  *THUMPS*  Leave me awone, daddy!!!

Is you ok to continue? Just four more questions......
(Nods, yes.)

11)  What does it means to you to haves ALL the fwiends you has on Twitter?

Ohhhh!  Me finks it's just the most bunderful experience ever! Mommy finks it's the best "community" ever!  We fink evfurryone is so loving and so supportive of each ofur, it's weally a twue blessing!  Mommy says she dweams of a day where evfurryone could get togefur somepwace to meet! It's also vewy devastating....because we all wuvs each ofur so much, when one of us is poorly or loses their fight and goes OTRB, we haves a vewy difficult time wif that!

12)  Me will be doings a bwog soon, about punishments that us buns & ofur anipals can use on hoomans that is not doings fings the way they shoulds.  Do you haves any particularly tortureous punishment in mind?

Me finks me needs to thump more! Me rarely does that!  Me wikes giving hoomans the bum, though me doesn't do that efur, yet!  Me finks my punishment is not letting the hoomans pick me up wight now! Me doesn't wike that!!

13)  How does it feel, now that you doesn't has to be wocked up in your cage at night any more?

Ohhhhh, me just wuvs it!  I was a naughty bun & ruined a light, but now daddy wearranged fings...hehehe, they finks that'll keep me out....!  Mommy needs to get cord pwotectors!  It's funny, the last time she went to buy me hay, she saw cord pwotectors and considered buying some.  She didn't because I had been so good!  Silly mommy!

14)  Does you haves anyfing that you would wike to lets evfurrybunny nose about you, or anyfing you would wikes to say?

I is vewy hoppy that mommy wanted me so much, because me would still be in a cage, at the farm, and now I am a fwee-wange house bun!!  And since coming home, I has made mommy into a silly, cwazy bun lady and we can't wait to bond me wiff a fwiend!!!  Poor mommy wants evfurrybun in the world to be wuved as much as me and it just breaks her heart when she hears about how cruel some hoomans are to us buns!
I would also wike to fank you, Scotty, for wuving me and finking I'm interesting enough to interview!! Me wuvs you Lops and lops, fowever and ever.......

('Scuse me.....
Me gotted somefing in my eyes wight now..that's why they is leaking, A LITTLE!! Me needs a tissue to gets the stuffs out of my eyes. (stop leaking, silly eyes...stops it!!!)  ok, that's better....Ahem...)

15)  Cawwots or corriander?

Cawwots.  Only cause me has never had cowwiander!

Me wants to fank my bootiful Bailey for a 'mazing interview!!!  Me finks that your fwiends nose you a little bit better now and me nose that me does!!!  You are as bootiful on the inside, as you are on the outside and me is pwoud to nose you!! *sniff*  AHEM!!!! is not cwying!! Shhh, momma.....SHHHH!!!!!

Me is busy at work doesing wesearch for my next bwog.  We will be explorwing the many, "interwesting" punishments for hoomans!! Heeheeeeeeeee!!!!  There are sooo many fings that hoomans does wrong......or they just doesn't nose better.......that me will have diffewent degwees of punishments to use!!!  Stay's gonna be 'citing!!!! (AND....vewy useful...*evil bun laugh*)


Anonymous said...

OMB!!!!! What an amazing interview! Scotty u is SUCH a funny bunny! And Bailey did amazing in her interview! We all wuv u buns and the birdie gots our votes too! HEHEHE!!!

Love- Your bun-fans- Houdini, Twix, Licorice, Sniff, Peanut, Abby & their mom!

Estelle and Esme said...

Oh Scotty you has done such a goods job interviewing Bailey! We finks you shoulds interview ofur Twitter fwiends too!

*kisses to you boths*

tkphillips said...

Wonderful interview!! You are both so sweet together!! Every bun should be loved as much as the two of you are. You do really have it made, except for the bphone problem. Tkphillips

Anonymous said...

Scotty I have to say you has to be 1 of the bestest interviewers evefur. I can see why Bailey loves you so very much.
And Bailey you is such a boutiful bunheart. Its lucky you have Scotty to protect you from all your fans you will get after they read this interview.
You 2 buns are purfect for each offur.
(thank you for mentioning me *blushes*)
Very very well done to another brilliant addition to you blog
Loads of love Auntie Kay xx

Elizabeth C said...

We love your blog! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh Scotty, your blog is very good!
I look forward to reading the next one with my dad!

Harvey (from Twitter!)
x x